Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Purple Women and Friends

Exciting news on the blog front - in addition to End of the Tunnel, I will now be a regular contributor over at the Purple Women and Friends blog!

Purple Women is an organization that provides support and resources for women (and I guess men too) who have chosen not to have children. From now on, I will be using this forum to discuss my thoughts on being a Childfree Christian. This is an awesome opportunity to talk about the Lord to a new group of people, and I am very excited about it!

A short bio and my first post are already up on the Purple Women and Friends blog. You might recognize the post as a re-vamp of an earlier one from End of the Tunnel, but future contributions will be all new. If you're interested in childfree issues, I encourage you to check it out!


twiga92 said...

A fellow childfree Christian here - nice to "meet" you. I've been blessed to have a supportive family and church friends who don't argue with our choice not to have kids. Glad to know there are other Christians out there who have also chosen not to have kids.

End of the Tunnel said...

Hi twiga! Glad to "meet" you too!

AnitaD said...

I mentioned it on Purple Women and I want to mention it here. I'm so glad you've become on of the regular contributors. You some times take the words out of my mouth. It's so refreshing to connect with like minded people.

I would love to get a small group organised in my area for Christian couples who are child free by choice. Please let me know how you got started. My email is amdalkin@hotmail.com

AnitaD said...


Thank you for your email. Sorry, I didn't reply sooner. As an attempt to bring Christian couples together in my area who have chosen to be child free I've started a Facebook group. You are welcome to join.