Thursday, April 19, 2007

Umm.. I know prayer is powerful, but...

A few weeks ago, a new couple joined our Home Group. We are always glad to welcome new people, but it’s a little nerve wracking too. We have been blessed with awesome couples so far who have meshed together wonderfully, but I am always looking out for the wack-jobs around the corner. For a brief moment, I thought I’d found them.

The evening had gone really well, and it seemed that the new couple was feeling right at home. I was about to mentally declare success, but then we started sharing prayer requests.

The new guy is looking at the floor with his hands clasped in front of him, and he solemnly says, “I just want my Mom back.”

Period. No further explanation, no eye contact. His comment hangs in utter silence, because we all think she is DEAD!!!!

My mind is racing – I don’t think he’s joking, but surely he doesn’t expect his mom to come back from the grave! I want to be a compassionate leader, but at the same time, I am thinking “Oh Lord – there’s a nut job in my living room! Help!”

We must have all had dumbfounded looks on our faces, because as soon as he looked up he quickly explained that his mom was stuck in the Los Angeles airport due to inclement weather, and she was having no luck getting a flight home.

Phew! The entire group busted out laughing as we explained our confusion and great relief. One girl said she had been just about to start explaining to him that his mom was “in a better place.” Pithy I know, but at least she had thought of something to say – I had no clue!

My husband and I were reminded again that adding new people, though it may be difficult, is the best way to keep a group fresh. And in case you’re wondering, his Mom did finally make it home.

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