Monday, April 16, 2007

Wild and Crazy Gal!

Recently I came across an article on that really grabbed my attention - “How Wild Women Stay Thin” by Dr. Matthew Anderson.

When I think “Wild Women,” I think of young Hollywood – Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Lindsey Lohan, and the like. I always assumed they stayed thin through a strict regiment of binging and purging, made palatable through a steady stream of alcohol. But apparently, attitude is the key.

According to the article, “A life too focused on domestic duties and expectations can drain a woman of her instinctual wildness, passion, and creativity. Too many women control their wildness with comfort food, and thus create extra pounds instead of aliveness.”

I have instinctual wildness? Really? Because I’m pretty sure my natural instincts are to do the exact OPPOSITE of wild. I have no desire to drive too fast, drink too much, remove my clothing in public, or do anything else that would get me in the next Girls Gone Wild video. But if I can magically get to a size 2, I really want to find and release this wildness. Fortunately, Dr. Anderson provides some guidelines:

1. “Acknowledge and accept the fact that instinctual, healthy wildness is an essential part of your being.”

Okay – here goes: I’m wild, and it’s healthy!!! Whoopee!!!!

2. “Get a journal and begin to list and describe how your wildness could be expressed. This exercise will help you moderate the anxiety that may initially arise when you approach these energies in yourself. Remember, your wildness is not inherently dangerous, but you may experience some discomfort and you begin to get to know it.”

Discomfort is right – does this tip sound a little sketchy, or is it just me? Exactly what is “inner wildness” again?

3. Read some book about running with wolves.

I thought it was dancing…whatever.

4. “Start every day with the following question: How can I express my wildness today?”

I have to express it EVERY DAY? I’m not sure being wild is going to jive with being a young professional. Well, maybe I could wear brown shoes with black pants or sign an important document with a purple pen. Would that cut it?

Time to face the facts – wild is just not my style. I love my life and I have a lot of fun… in a calm, laid-back, unassuming kind of way. I guess I will have to stick to diet and exercise and leave the dancing on tables to Miss Lohan. Here’s to the Un-Wild Women!

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