Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who Cares?

There are a couple of blogs I read regularly, and recently one of them reminded me of a question someone asked me a few years ago:

“What if you live your whole life as a Christian, and then when you die you find out that it’s all a lie, and there is no God?”

It’s definitely an interesting scenario to ponder.

If there’s no God, then my soul dies with my body. So it’s not like there will be some part of me that is able to look back on my life after I’m gone and feel embarrassed for getting duped. And I won’t be able to be disappointed about not going to Heaven either, since I won’t be cognizant of anything past my last breath. If there is no God, I’ll never even know it.

The question basically comes down to whether or not my life would have been better if I had not been a Christian. Did my commitment to God hinder my existence or cause me to miss out on anything?

Unimaginable. I have lived both with God and without Him, and there is nothing in this world that could make me go back. My life has been amazingly rich and fulfilling, and I don’t think there’s anything else that could have provided the joy and peace I have found in Christ. You can question Christianity all you want, but my personal experience is mine, and it’s not up for debate. If I have put my faith in something that doesn’t exist, I certainly have been rewarded for it, and I have no regrets.

So back to the original question – what if God turns out to be a sham? My answer was and is, “WHO CARES?”


Ben said...

It's funny to me sometimes that many atheists (not all) seem to think that Christians are simpletons that just don't know any better than to live in such bondage to an ancient myth.

But the life of a Christian isn't that way at all! We still live in the same hardships of life as everyone else, but we have a sure way of overcoming. Even in the hardest times of my life, there has been both peace and a way out. Is that bondage?

My life in Christ has been equally fulfilling as yours. I often wonder how people survive the trials of life without Him. He has confirmed Himself to me over and over throughout my life. How could I deny Him?

Jill Yost said...

There was a great article in Newsweek recently with this same topic. Rick Warren debated with an atheist. Rick summed it up brilliantly, "If I am wrong I have nothing to lose, if you are wrong, you have everything to lose."